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This season’s runways have seen a lot of beautiful backpacks and this one, part leather, and part tweed is stylish, trendy, and classic an excellent combination.

This is a backpack that you can use walking to work, while on the subway, and even or especially on the back of a bike. But it also looks fab with a suit, jeans, and a white shirt, or a pretty dress, and can dress up or dress down an outfit.

The tweed is strong and elegant, the leather is soft but hardy, and the bag is a beautiful contrast of the two materials. Inside you will find a large compartment and smaller compartments, allowing you to separate and therefore easily find, your items. We love the drawstring, and the buckles, both super stylish.

This is a comfortable backpack, one that is perfect for summer or winter and is extremely stylish. It’s perfect for the young, modern woman, the high powered woman, the urban walker, the hiker, the cyclist, the fashionista. It’s a backpack for work or play and is part sophisticated and part playful.

Backpacks should not just be beautiful, they need to be practical too. This one has:

  • Double buckles, ensuring double safety.
  • Leather trim for wear, tear, and sustainability.
  • Pockets, making it extremely practical.
  • Tweed, giving it added elegance.

There is a good array of pockets, the backpack looks gorgeous, and will last for years. Easy to clean and perfect for all seasons.

If the woman’s backpack is good enough for New York City’s runways, it’s good for you too! If this backpack has been seen in London, Sydney, and Hong Kong, we think it can be seen on your back too. It’s gorgeous, unique, classic, and a stunning style statement. And it has what all women want - pockets!
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